Peng Rui sees wool as the main material to create sculptures since 2012, inspired by her own natural surroundings, she embraces the simplicity of the world she inhabits and finds the beauty in things. She always searching and learning new things, tend to fuse everyday life into her creative works. Good at interpreting characters with refreshing andminimal style to accentuate their key features.

Through creating works of diverse level, explore the way people think, open the door to start possible dialogues with the public, and to observe, study, and explore different facade of the world.




Huang Peng-Rui | Pooon

Fiber Sculptor based in Taiwan

BA – Fiber and Composite Materials
Teacher of Taiwan Felt Making Association

2016, Wetfelting Professor Certification, Taiwan Felt Making Association, Taiwan

2013,”Creative Way with Rubber Stamps”,Cat cafe

2020,”Easter Egg”, Feltmaking Association, in Taipei
2018,”21 Days Portrait”, Feltmaking Association, in Taipei
2014,”Pop-up Shop & Exhibition”, Pier-2, Kaohsiung

2019,”Digi Wave”, One of the booth in the CraftMarket, Taiwan.
2019,”Taiwanese Stray Dogs”, One of the Creators, Feltmaking Association,Taipei
2016,”Love Woolfelt”, One of the Presenter, Feltmaking Association, Kaohsiung

2020   DHG, Create a new collection of “Antenna Creature”.

2016   Hokto-kinoko, Sculpture their characters with wool fiber and organized the workshop.

2020, “Needlefelt Embroidery Eco-bag”, Shih Hsin University, Taipei, Taiwan
2019, “Woolfelted Nordic Flower”, SanMing Bookstore, Taichung, Taiwan
2016 ~ present,”Various Workshop”, BrightSideTaiwan, Kaohsiung, Taiwan
2014 ~ 2019,”Various Workshop” Noia Concept Store, Kaohsiung, Taiwan
2016,”Charity Workshop”, Stray Cat Society, Taipei,Taiwan