une Wonder Life – chapter 2 奇葩女子 第二章

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Last time I shared about my first experience in craft market. After that time I had been in various craft market, from only one white cloth to full decoration tools in my suitcase. I used almost 40 minutes per time to decorate my booth. Review my diary in those first two years.

 I wrote down “I remember the first time showing up at market with my brand – une. I wasn’t good at displaying the goods that time and came to the market alone. I was nervous in tremble hands, plus the cold weather, I felt horrible at all. But now, I can attend every market alone with full confident. What a nice experience!! Improving my decorating and selling skill, mostly improving my skill of creating goods in this entire year. “ – Dect 2013

Haha, but now when I look back it still looks awful. 

While I was having good time during the craft market time but in that time I was not confident and didn’t 100% sure and doubt did I have the ability to do all of those creative work?

Because I am not art student and never be in art school. I had been working in various works, but I still doubt my abilities, even I can draw with Illustrator or Photoshop. 

I did blame myself why I don’t take a normal job to be engineer and afraid maybe I would never find a suitable job for whole life. I also envy my friends their stable works and high salaries.

I still remember that my dad once said ” you have been to college, why you do want to do the work that no need this high education background?” While I didn’t take any job and do craft works, my mom always asked me to learn something such as hairdresser skill or take the government job, etc. 

I know I am not that person who will love to do the same thing all the time. Once I get into this kind of work then I will suffer for my whole life time. Somehow I am a stubborn person and know this is going to be my own path. My willpower insist and support myself to keep doing creative works till now.

So whether your work is related to what you have learned in school or not, never doubt your abilities. I might chose wrong answer sometimes, it was cause we weren’t not quite know enough ourself.

And always remember one important thing. You must be responsible for yourself for your whole life. Family or friends they cannot take full responsibility for your future. The world changes so fast, live with happiness and present your powerful talent is the most important job you should do.

to be continued…. chapter 3



依然記得第一次參加市集的緊張感,隻身前往陌生的台北,首次公開販售自己做的商品。寒冷的天氣與緊張的心情,導致全身顫抖,手抖到不行,擺設技巧也爛到爆炸。不過經過一連串的經驗洗禮,古語說的好”不經一事不長一智”,現在已經慢慢學會詮釋品牌的感覺,也漸漸能駕馭每次的攤位佈置擺設。經過一年後,現在回顧之前的陳設佈置,真的會想笑到倒地,不過也很開心這一年學了很多經驗與技巧。 – Dec 2013

日記裡也紀錄了在擺攤的期間,遇過很多貴人與來自不同國籍或令人暖心的人與故事 :))) 但說實話那時候的我還不是非常有自信與百分之百相信自己的能力。學生時期由於我對化學有著奇特的熱愛,加上家庭給我觀念覺得好像念理工科未來出入發展比較好。然而在我出國當交換學生後,人生似乎開始有了新的想法,我轉換跑道做和所學完全無相關的工作,數度轉換不同工作,在這過程中一直覺得自己沒有特殊專長,即使我會用AI或PS等繪圖軟體,但都不足以強大到能獨當一面,數度懷疑自我能力且非常掙扎在自己不是藝術專科的學生而感到自卑。






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