une Wonder Life – chapter 1 奇葩女子 第一章

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Seems I haven’t told you how I go on the woolfelt journey. Today, let’s talk about this story – part 01

It was 8 years ago in 2012, I quitted my job for a while and I did not know what I really wanted to do in the rest of my life. At that time I was so upset and meanwhile drawing and collaging on my journal. When drawing all the time I was thinking, I am so addicted to handicraft and I love manage my own website, so why not make some handmade craft and post it online. Then I started to do hand carved rubber stamps and I sold my drawing postcard at crafty market. That was my very first time to create and sell handmade items.

Almost at the meantime I bought one needlefelting kit. I still can remember my first needlefelting item is a squirrel and it doesn’t look like the same as the picture on the package. It looked like a man who wearing squirrel costume, too tall and not cute at all. But I wasn’t frustrated, instead I was feeling interested. So bought one more kit, this time there were three materials in it, and it meaned I could try and error for three times. I would definetly nail it (how could I so confident XD)

I poked accord with the manual instruction, although it was not as good as the photo. Three times after, I wasn’t satisfied, afterwards, I started to practice creating various dolls by my own. Then I completely fall in love with this fiber and its infinite possibility till now. 

une Wonder Life – part 2

我好像沒有特別說過自己是如何踏上羊毛氈的創作旅途 XD

今天來講古,約莫在8年前離開職場,一陣消極不知道自己能做什麼或真正想做什麼,就每天在日記上拼貼畫畫。於是我想著自己本來就喜歡手工藝又喜歡架設網站,那為什麼不從這開始?於是人生首次創作販售便是從華山市集開始,那時很傻沒經驗,一個人買了全棚,偌大的棚子下只有我一攤然後還只是賣幾張明信片(離題)。 一開始我從販售手刻印章開始,同時間我也買了人生第一盒羊毛氈材料包。我永遠記得第一個作品的模樣,松鼠的形體和包裝上的圖完全是不同的個體,我的松鼠宛如是有人穿布偶裝,身體整個抽高,一整個笑到不能自我。但這完全不足以讓我對羊毛氈感到卻步,反而在買了第二個材料包,想著這次材料包是三個俄羅斯娃娃,嗯…有三次機會可以磨練肯定不會失敗。



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Hi, I'm pooon an artist of woolfelt. Based in Taiwan.

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