Les Petits Maîtres – 003 Mosquito Family

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exhibition, u: feltedwool
size\ cm




這幅畫實在太可愛,立刻腦中浮出蚊子全變成立體的畫面,起初還在猶豫顏色要怎麼搭配,但一想到蚊子直接聯想到被吸的血,又宛如像是特攻隊一般的家庭組合,黑配紅感覺很霸氣 ((笑

Children is the greates master of imagination. There’s no boundaries and they are free to let their idea soar. Like the story of Le Petit Prince, children can see what we couldn’t see and couldn’t imagine. 
I was wondering how it could be when those amazing drawing turns to 3D sculpture in reality. So I started this project “les petits maitres” making woolen doll with those impressive drawings. 

Project 003 is mosquito family, there are grumpy papa, gentle mama and little mosquito. This story came up when a day my nephew was bitten by mosquito and he said, why always is the kids are bitten not adults?

So he drew down the bad mosquitos (lol) It is an impressive drawing. I was wondering what color should I use, then the connection when I thought of mosquito was blood. Meanwhile I was confusing should I put the white eyes on the grumpy papa? but at the end, I decided better using black to keep the consistency.

If you would also like to share the great drawing from little kids, I would love to see it and see if it is possible to make into a doll 🙂
Send it here, https://forms.gle/UkD2SEuuMsynMiHbA ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

Les Petits Maîtres 是一個與全世界小朋友的合作計畫。




投遞箱: https://forms.gle/UkD2SEuuMsynMiHbA

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Hi, I'm pooon an artist of woolfelt. Based in Taiwan.

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