Les Petits Maîtres – 002 Caterpillar

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exhibition, u: feltedwool
size\\ H10 x 7 x 3.5 cm

This is a caterpillar. Innitially, I was planning making dreamlike color then mix lilac, coral pink, light yellow with pale green and white. It looks like the color for unicron but when I poke it and make the shape form of this caterpillar. It looks not excatelly what I want it to be, looks more like this caterpillar gets bruise. (lol)

So I was kind of frustrating about why I mix these color, then after few minutes I swtiched it in the hotpink and last a bit the melange. Being live video is quite a challenge cause you must face the problem and fix it immedietly cause the audience and me we all are waiting for the result. Anyway, eventually I nailed it again and move on to the next one. 

Next time #lespetitsmaitres – 003 will be a mosquito family. I will do it on live as well and let’s see what kind of prolbem I might have this time. XD it is really hard to finish one piece within an hour. –
Les Petits Maîtres is a project to cooperate with worldwide kids.

All the children are the great Master of imagination. There’s no boundaries and they are free to let their imaginations soar. Like the story of Le Petit Prince, children can see what the we can’t see and can’t imagine. It is a challenge to me as well, to make their drawing into real woolen doll, and using different techinique and colors to turn them into reality.

If you would also like to share the great drawing from little kids, I would love to see it and see if it is possible to make into a doll 🙂
Send it here, https://forms.gle/UkD2SEuuMsynMiHbA ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

小小畫家計畫 第二回 – 毛毛蟲



下次將製作一組是『蚊子一家』,讓我們一起期待,下回又會遇到什麼問題呢?要在直播1小時內完成作品真的好難,我還在思考是否需要調整流程很怕大家會不會覺得太無聊 XD –

Les Petits Maîtres 是一個與全世界小朋友的合作計畫。




投遞箱: https://forms.gle/UkD2SEuuMsynMiHbA

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Hi, I'm pooon an artist of woolfelt. Based in Taiwan.

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