Hugger Monster

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u: feltedwool
size\\ H30.5 x 18.5 x 5 cm

One day I was asking my friend is there any clouds in his place? (You may know I am a cloud lover) and he said: of course! There is one then sent one picture of the sky and said you could see a huge cloud there, what a amazing day. But in fact, that is fog! 😂 so I was laughing what a joke he made and then I knew he was making a ironic joke so came up with an idea to draw a monster and sent back and said yeah what an amazing cloud you got and made a monster sound. Literally sounds like huuuuuuug. And he has big arms open so this is the silly story how Hugger Monster came up. 

Hugger Monster has long arms and some magic inside home can make glowing green power. One day he might discover him is playing with magic power through your window.

有一天和朋友對話的時候問及他那兒的天空有沒有雲,身為一個雲的愛好者一定收集各地的天空。於是他說:當然有!並傳來一張照片說著你看這個雲多大啊!點開照片,我差點笑鼠,那是一張充滿雲霧的照片,什麼雲,根本是大霧。我也知道他在開玩笑,同時為這沒有太陽的天空感到失落,於是我腦子立即產生一個怪物並畫在照片上回傳給他,說:多美的天空,美到你都差點沒看到這個怪物。他問我這是什麼,我小聲的發出一個怪物的吼叫聲,說你沒聽到嗎,他在叫你。於是他笑了,我也達成了娛樂的目的。😆 這是個蠢蠢又真實的Hugger Monster故事。


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Hi, I'm pooon an artist of woolfelt. Based in Taiwan.

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