Les Petits Maîtres – 001 Cat

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u: feltedwool

size\\ H7.9 x 7 x 3 cm

畫家是4歲的小男孩 — 涼麵,是我可愛的姪子。這是一隻貓的圖畫,如果你仔細觀察便會發現,他有觀察到貓咪的腳底上有著小肉墊。這是件多有趣的事情啊,小朋友自己能觀察且記得他生活上的發現,並會畫在他的作品中。

上回我是在IG直播中從0開始製作這隻小貓,直播最大的樂趣與挑戰就是邊制作邊與大家聊天,我很開心能夠跟大家分享這個小小畫家的企劃與分享製作的小技巧。因此如果還有下次的機會,我還是會想用直播的方式,分享每一個製作的過程 🙂


Les Petits Maîtres 是一個與全世界小朋友的合作計畫。




投遞箱: https://forms.gle/UkD2SEuuMsynMiHbA

My first woolen doll with Le Petit Maitre — painter is Noodles, he is my adorable nephew, 4 years old.

He said this is cat 🙂 When you look thoroughly and you will find out he drew the paws, and each of it has 5 pads. How amazing is that a child observes the details and keep in mind. 

I was making this on Instagram live and it is quite interesting and challenge when making and talking with people. I love to share this whole concept and the technique I used, so next time I would love to do the same on Instagram live.  😀

Let’s see who many childrens drawing I can get and make it in real.

Les Petits Maîtres is a project to cooperate with worldwide kids.

All the children are the great Master of imagination. There’s no boundaries and they are free to let their imaginations soar. Like the story of Le Petit Prince, children can see what the we can’t see and can’t imagine. It is a challenge to me as well, to make their drawing into real woolen doll, and using different techinique and colors to turn them into reality.

If you would also like to share the great drawing from little kids, I would love to see it and see if it is possible to make into a doll 🙂

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Hi, I'm pooon an artist of woolfelt. Based in Taiwan.

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