Miss Wetland 濕地少女

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u: feltedwool

size\\ H9 x 6 x 4 cm

包裹在芽綠色蛋殼下的是活潑且快樂的濕地少女,Miss Wetland 她是濕地的守護使者。非常喜歡各種動物或昆蟲,特別喜歡蝴蝶。

Miss Wetland
Under the grass green egg cover is an energetic lady named Miss Wetland. She is the ambassador of the Wetland Kingdom. She loves any animals and insects, especially butterfly. Miss Wetland always is in the happy mood and share her joys with others.

La Señorita Cienaga
Bajo la cascara de huevo de color verde hay una enérgica chica llamada Señorita Ciénaga. Ella es la embajadora del reino de la ciénaga. Le encantan cualquier animal e insecto, especialmente mariposas. La Señorita Cienaga esta siempre contenta y comparte su alegría con otros.


地球少女是 une 原創設計作品,創作靈感源自於地球上得地形種類,經過她的美感轉化成抽象的色彩與圖樣,羊毛是她創作的主素材。以蛋為原型,代表著孕育生命的主體,透過可愛的造型與想像,讓觀者能用最親近的方式關心我們所處的地球。

Using the landform on earth as the core of creation, and the egg that nurtures life as the key to modelling the shape. Nurturing environment needs careful consideration of temperature, humidity and various factors in order to foster beautiful life forms. Earth is the space that nurtures each of these eggs, and we need to take good care of this precious resources.

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Hi, I'm pooon an artist of woolfelt. Based in Taiwan.

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