Les Petits Maîtres

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What is this project?

Les Petits Maîtres is a project to cooperate with worldwide kids.

All the children are the great Master of imagination. There’s no boundaries and they are free to let their imaginations soar. Like the story of Le Petit Prince, children can see what the we can’t see and can’t imagine. 

Have you ever thought how it will be when the drawings pop out the papers into real dolls?

I am a sculptor, my work is making the illustrations or pictures into real dolls. My inspiration is from the nature, life experience, stories, colors etc. I had this same concept long times ago, but had no idea how to make it in real world. However, now this idea comes again, and this time I am going to make it in real.

Here is my initial concept to bring children’s imaginations to our life. I will make it into woolen dolls with the little masters’ drawing. It is like a cooperation of worldwild Les Petits Maîtres with me.

1(you) + 1(me) = infinity

Besides, this is not just a project of making woolen doll, it is a plan to share these great ideas to all over the world. Let’s people get the inspiration from little kids with me.

Let’s play together, Les Petits Maîtres.

And the most important thing…
Let’s inspire all the adults.

Join with me 😀

Where The Woolen Dolls will going?

My initial goal is haviMy initial goal is having an exhibition(or more than one time) and sharing these amazing imaginations with all over the world. I will share the masterpiece on social platform. You can see how it turns out and get inspired from others as well.

什麼是 Les Petits Maîtres 小小畫家企劃?

Les Petits Maîtres 是一個與全世界小朋友的合作計畫。





1 (你) + 1 (我) = 無限的可能



且最重要的是… 一起用創意啟發且驚艷大人們!

一起加入小小畫家行列 🙂



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Hi, I'm pooon an artist of woolfelt. Based in Taiwan.

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