Solo Exhibition @ KamoGamo

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I appreciated this opportunity to having solo exhibition at KamoGamo.
Returned to Kaohsiung then directly went to KamoGamo to arrange the exhibits.
All my stuff was in paper bags, Mau Di(which lives in KamoGamo) noticed it and he jumped into the paper bag.
We took him out, and he got angry then bit. 


▼ 我是袋子控 – 毛弟 Hey there, I’m Mau Di

 We were carrying on arranging and he was happily playing alone.

▼ 可愛的暑期實習生也前來幫忙佈置現場Lovely interns helped me to arrange. 

 Worked hard and played hard. We were playing  sticky take-it as snot and spit.

▼ 思考要如何陳設擺放 Was thinking how to display those

▼ 最後的清潔與檢查 Final checked and cleaned

▼ 燈光確認 Lighting checked

I was worried about it would be humdrum, but it was nonsense when I finished the arrangement.

 這角度的燈光很棒 Love this lighting.

I provided a notebook to let people write notes. You guys are awesome, love your comments and drawings. Thanks for encouraging words. 

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Hi, I'm pooon an artist of woolfelt. Based in Taiwan.

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