Ciao Ciao‘s Logo & Business Card

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Ciao Ciao Salon委託設計專屬LOGO,絞盡腦汁想出幾個草稿,要符合極簡風格,明瞭,不繁複,同時還要耐看的特性。
I was working on a case – Ciao Ciao Salon’s logo. I drew some sketches for this and it have to answer simple, clear and worth looking.

最終取了Ciao Ciao Salon字母開頭當做重點,經過二修後,最終圖樣成型。
I chose the initial as the point, and made some modification. Voilà, that’s the final look. 
It totally has six colors, one hair designer has two different colors, dark and light. You can notice that they all have different personalities by color. 

Besides, there’s a detail of this card. There’s a frame letterpress, and it makes it to be stereoscopic.
Don’t forget to get one or more when you go to the shop.
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Hi, I'm pooon an artist of woolfelt. Based in Taiwan.

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