Ciao Ciao Salon合作紅包袋

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年關將近,又到了過新年的時候,中國傳統文化,過年就是發送紅包的時節。現在Ciao Ciao免費發送紅包噢!即日起至-2/8前,到Ciao Ciao Salon消費,即可免費拿紅包,沾沾喜氣,過好年。
It’s nearly to Chinese New Year, our traditional in this time is giving ‘red envelope.’ Now it’s time for Ciao Ciao to give you a Free Red Envelope! Come and make an appointment with Ciao Ciao before 2/8 then you can get a FREE red envelope and wish you have a nice year.

Ciao Ciao Salon
是我愛去的髮廊,最近和Ciao Ciao合作紅包袋,構想是以我們家紅牌小姐當主題,她張嘴的模樣像是開口說話那般,說什麼呢?當然是哈囉新年快樂,Ciao Ciao義大利文Ciao Ciao是哈囉的意思,整句是
Ciao Ciao, Happy New Year。
‘Ciao Ciao’ is my favorite salon, and we cooperate red envelopes this time. The concept is from my Miǎn collection. It looks like she is saying something. What will she say? That’s “Ciao Ciao, Happy New Year.”
Designer Niko likes the letters have more handmade sense.
 表面皆做燙金處理。Hand tooled in gold.
Print une’s website and copyright with gold ink in the back of the envelope.
Print 150 envelopes and the stamps turn into fabulous gold color.
Don’t discard the envelope, you can frame it as a painting on wall or desk. 

Ciao Ciao Salon
電話: 07-223-6955 預約制
地址: 高雄市苓雅區泰順街27號

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Hi, I'm pooon an artist of woolfelt. Based in Taiwan.

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