My First Market – Noël Market

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This’s my first time to sell my products in market, I was kind of nervous about decorating table. Cause I didn’t know there were two big tables, and I didn’t have various products. So I had no idea how to do at the beginning.

The weather was pretty bad, the wind was strong and blew my postcards away twice. Fortunately, the booth owners who next my booth are nice! They helped me a lot and set the canvas for me; therefore, all postcards won’t be blew away again. 
The cold weather might cause people rather to stay at home than come to this market.

The most impressiveness all day was I met some foreigners, and explained my design concept and how to print it. Some of them are from Korea, they spoke good Chinese. I couldn’t recognise they’re from Korea, cause they don’t have any accent.

From this experience I know I have a lot to improve and need to produce more various products.

I stayed two more days to go around in Taipei, and I walked walked walked to many place. My legs were like a fry chicken legs when I back home. I was going to visit a bookstore, but I couldn’t find it. However, I found a traditional market, and it’s the season we can buy strawberry!! Oh that’s my favourite fruit. 

今天天氣超熱的!!!走路走到大噴汗!!為啥市集那天偏偏是冷颼颼?!Today’s weather was pretty hot and I even sweat when I walked a lot. But why the weather of 12/23 was extremely cold? ooohhh
為甚麼某些路段都掛有整排得國旗?I had no idea why there’re a row of national flags of Taiwan on some roads? 
臨時用app找了一間咖啡店,聽說千層面很好吃。I fond a coffee shop by google app. Some people said they had great lasagna.

此次一定得拜訪知名的VVG something!
You must visit the VVG something, it’s one of twenty worldwide famous book shops. They have a lot of vintage stuff and foreign books, but the area is small. If they’re many people, you will not easily to look around. However, it is nice to have a drink and read some books!
再見了台北,有機會下次再來擺攤喔!All my feeling of Taipei are many people, many cars, the temperature varies much from day to night and ambulance! I heard many times of ambulance’s whistling. See ya Taipei. If there’s a chance, I will be back!

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Hi, I'm pooon an artist of woolfelt. Based in Taiwan.

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