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u: feltedwool
une粉絲專頁的網址很長,所以我想如果把它刻成QR code刻章,這樣我可以任意蓋在很多地方,然而這大小還不能過大,不然會佔據太多面積。這邊長只有1.8×1.8cm的面積裡,佈滿了許多小方格,從原本有點卻步到發狠再度刻第二個,還自滿的以為自己抓到訣竅,結果成果遠不如預期。
The website of une Facebook fan page is too long, then I thought if I carve it in a rubber stamp, I could stamp it anywhere. The size of this QR code must not too big; otherwise it will take too much place on paper. 1.8×1.8cm square cube included a lot of tiny squares. I was afraid of caving this stamp at the beginning but I was confident when I carved second one. I though I knew some trick, and how to make it perfect. But….it was not.

▼擺在micia印台旁邊顯得很迷你 Compare the size of micia ink.

第一個QR code完全是用肉眼在刻,刻到後面根本眼花繚亂,線條處理得也不夠乾淨,蓋出來的效果根本是”笑果“吧;默默只好又刻了第二個,這一次我更認真在描圖上,描得非常仔細,線條一定要乾淨分明,畢竟要讓機器掃得到才有意義,QR code的容許錯誤率只有7-30%,而我這全程手工的狀態下要能保持7成以上完全無誤的狀態下實在難上加難。所以當我在刻第二個的時候,決定出動放大鏡,希望這次能刻出乾淨且成功的QR code章。

The first one I carved without any material except art knife, and it was totally difficult, and it made me dazzled. The lines wasn’t accurate, therefore I need to carve second one. This time I have to carve it fine and clear, at least it have to pass through the scanner. QR code only accept 7-30% of mistake, I used tracing paper to copy the code by hand and I have to keep its accuracy. So I use magnifier this time to make sure it has up to70% accuracy.

▼放大鏡下的畫面,比肉眼看得更清楚,但看久會有點暈 The scene under magnifier, it’s clear than nothing, but it made me a bit dazzled for using a long while.
▼第一次刻出來的屑屑如此的乾淨整齊有條理! That was first time I carved something with less waste.

比較第一次跟第二次的成果,第二次果然有比較乾靜且線條明顯,但是經過機器掃瞄還是失敗了!!!網址太長所產生的QR code會很複雜,此外手工描繪後增加QR code的不準確性,所以下一次要刻QR code時我可能會先去印刷完後直接摳在橡皮上,以減少失誤率。
Compare to the first one, second one is clearer and lines are finer. Ultimately it’s failure. The long website caused more difficulty on QR code, and I traced it out by hand, and it made more inaccurate. Next time I may use carbon printer and copy on the rubber stamp instead of using trace paper.

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Hi, I'm pooon an artist of woolfelt. Based in Taiwan.

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